About BirdFox

Birdfox specialized and focuses on Graphic Design based Glamour photography which is a genre of photography in which the subjects are portrayed in sensuous or exciting ways ranging from artistically clothed to implied body gestures but in ways that either may conceal or may otherwise not especially draw attention to the beauty of the model. Glamour photography is typically exciting and passionate in aesthetic form.


Aspects of glamour photography may themselves be considered as being glamorous including: glamorous clothing, glamorous accessories and glamorous locations. Comparative terms such as erotic clothing, erogenous accessories may be considered to have more seductive focused definitions.


Glamour photography is generally a composed image of a subject in a still position. The subjects of “glamour” photography for professional use are often professional models, and the photographs are normally intended for commercial use, including mass-produced calendars, pinups and men’s magazines; but amateur subjects are also sometimes used, and sometimes the photographs are intended for private and personal use only. Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and airbrushing/Photoshop techniques to produce an appealing image of the subject. To surmise Birdfox is a conglomeration of graphic design expertise and visual photographic incorporation.